Miscellany Monday

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1.  Thursday evening, my friend, Katie, and I went to a Pink event at my church, Gateway in Southlake.  It was a great event + a sweet friend + kid free = a pretty fantastic mommy evening.  Each of us even purchased a "Pink" t-shirt to show our support when running around town.  :)

2.  I think it may be time to retire this nighty.  He's obviously played hard in it.  OR....he's just trying to stay fashionable with the hole-y pants.  :)

3.  Friday evening Jer took us out for dinner.  I love when he calls me on a Friday afternoon and asks to take us out for dinner and to meet him somewhere.  He chose the Cheesecake Factory (which hands down is one of our favorite restaurants) and then to Barnes & Noble for a little magazine action and Starbucks.  Such a thoughtful, daddy/father I tell ya.

4.  Look at all of those teeth!  14 total with 2 new ones coming in as we speak (he got his first bottom tooth at 4 months).

5.  Saturday we ran some errands and hit up Jer's office so he could grab a few things.

Daddy's office is on the 40th floor.  Kinda scary looking straight down onto the streets.  But B wasn't the least bit afraid.  :-)

Then we stopped to eat lunch in the building that's connected to his via skywalk.  On our way there, we had to get on an elevator that over looked an ice skating rink.

Oh and that's a chip in Boston's mouth.  He kept holding it like that while looking around and staring at people.  Ha.  Yeah, he's that kid.

6.  Saturday evening we met some of our best friends(Cece and Jason) at the Stockyards near downtown Fort Worth for BBQ.  We always have an absolute blast with them.  Don't you love having friends that love your baby like they are their own?  Well, this couple does.  They adore Boston and I love them so much for that.  :-)
Cece and B

Hope everyone had a safe and good weekend!


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