B's 6 month check-up

Yesterday, was B's 6 month check-up...that means shots.  :(  I have never been able to watch the nurse give his shots so that leaves Jer to help comfort him immediately afterwards.  Usually, B does pretty good.  He'll barely cry.  But this time, it was a little more rough for him.  He cried more than usual.  It even made Jer a little sad because he hadn't ever really watched the whole shot process, until yesterday, and it hurt his heart seeing it.  Typically, after the appointment, he'll come home with us and spend the day with us while working from home.  But this time Jer had to leave right after the appointment to two meetings and he didn't get home till 7:30pm.  He missed B all day and was sad for him.  So sweet. 

His doctor was very impressed with his development (being a preterm baby at 5 1/2 weeks early) and his stats.  We are too!  :)
Height: 27 1/2 in (82%)
Weight: 18lbs 15oz (73%)
The new things we get to do:
*start sippy cups
*start pureed meats (yep, I'll be pureeing organic chicken breasts for little man)
*we can give him juice and water.  We probably won't start the juices until 8 months.  I'm in no rush to give him anything too sweet too early.  He'll get enough later in life (I know, mean mom).  We'll be sure to start him on water, though. 
*and...sadly, she told me that she prefered I not make my organic brown rice for him because it won't have enough iron in it.  :(  so, I'll just buy the organic cereal that has the right amount of iron in them. 

About to head out the door

waiting in the (non-sick) waiting room.  that's what we love about Dr. Shori's office.  she has a separate waiting room for non-sick kiddos. 
our big boy sitting up waiting to see Dr. S. 
us with Dr. Shori.  we love her. 


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