sitting up? Yes he is!

Yesterday, while we were playing with him in his room, he showed us he could sit up.  Actually, he's a little wobbly but nontheless he's sitting up on his own!  We are excited but sad at the same time.  Excited to see his new trick but sad to see him growing up right before our eyes. 

first attempt at sitting up

Boston sitting up - Part 1 from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

let's try this again

Boston sitting up - Part 2 from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

He was breaking a sweat working so hard at sitting up we stripped him down to his diaper so he could get down to business...(that's his, "let's do this" face)
...chewing on his toys with no hands!   
look at all my hair I've lost...I mean, look at me sitting up!


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