Happy Dance for a Happy Closet

Remember when I told you about our closet transformation here and here and because we woke up to our seasonal rod hanging from the ceiling?  That was about...ohhh...a few weeks ago.  Well we finally did it.  Almost a month later we have a re-designed closet!  We are very excited over here at the Cook Household and we've been doing our happy dance.  The final touches will be done today.  Then, we can show the before's and after's (tomorrow).  We spent the whole weekend finishing this project, it took a lot of time and elbow grease, but we got'er done.  We felt bad for our bed with all of those clothes piled on it and we wanted her back.  Sleeping in our guest bedroom hasn't been fun.  Going from a king sized bed to a queen for those few weeks was miserable.  We can't believe we ever survived in a queen sized bed for so many years, way back when.  But we'll be back to our king sized bed, tonight.  Woohoo. 

Happy Monday!

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