Whew...what a weekend

Not sure where to start.  I guess I'll start here - this weekend was cray-zay busy!  But first I want to share some oh so cute pictures of my little B-man.  He absolutely loves to chew on this little butterfly or dragonfly;  not exactly sure what it is.  I guess it feels good on his teething gums.
His facial expressions make me laugh

Now on to the big people stuff.  I wish I could say that we did a lot of fun things over the weekend, but Not So Much.  Well actually, I can say that we didn't have a horrible time until about 7pm last night when we were P-double O-P, pooped!  Since we had made the command decision to devote the whole weekend to sprucing up our closet, we got up early Saturday morning and headed out the door to Home Depot.  We found their prices to be about the same as Lowe's for what we needed.  Once we loaded up the truck with our supplies, we got home and started our Closet Transformation.  We first emptied our whole closet of all the clothes, shoes, hats, purses, etc.  It was a little sad seeing it so empty.  I told Jer, "Thank goodness we aren't moving all of these clothes into a moving truck, but just onto our bed." 
Poor poor bed (this wasn't even all of our clothes.  oh keep in mind, this is a King size bed.  Ha.)

Then Jer setup his new toy (did I mention that he had to have a new skilsaw?  It seems like every time we start a project he needs a new "toy") and got to work.  He worked all day Saturday until about 8pm.  We didn't want to work later than that because the saw made too much noise and we didn't want it to bother our neighbors anymore than we already had that day.  Sunday, we got up early and did it all over again.  There was a lot more left to do since I kept adding more things.  Ha.  But he was a trooper and went with it.  He worked until about 8pm again that day and by then he was burnt out.  Once all of his work was done, we quit for the evening.  NOW, it's my turn.  I'll be doing all of the painting.  He might help, but chances are he'll stay out of my way and take care of B-man since I took care of him the whole weekend.  I can't wait to be finished and show you all the final product.  We are already proud of our Jer's work and we hope y'all will be too!  :-)  I'm hoping to get all of my painting done by Friday evening, so stay tuned. 

Happy Monday,

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