Our Friday

Yesterday was quite eventful.  It started with my mom coming over to spend the night.  I had planned a surprise "mini" date to the movies with the LOML (love of my life).  We went to see the Lincoln Lawyer.  Pretty good movie I must say.  We never ever ever ever go to the movies.  We just have never been fans of sitting with a bunch of people, smacking their food, talking or kicking our chairs.  We'd much more prefer to sit in the comfort of our homes and pause the movie if we need a pee break.  :)  But this time I wanted to do something out of the "norm" for us.  But before we left, mom and I worked on some scrapbooking pages that I'm doing (more on that on another post, when my pages are done).  Here's what went down yesterday...

Here's mom helping me on my pages.  She's an amazing scrapbooker and has a billion or more scrapbooking utensils, stamps, cutter thingy's, you name it.  She didn't bring 1/4 of her stuff which is why we couldn't finish my pages.  But she'll be back with what I need.  :)

Me!  Working (trying to at least) on my page.  Excuse the hairdo...I hadn't gotten ready for my "date."

Batman was in the building

and Batman fell asleep in his Jumperoo from all the scrapbooking fun.

Oh and, of course, here's the LOML and Me on our date.  We went to the Matinee showing.  The cheaper the better.  :)

After we left the theatre we headed to Lowe's to price our supplies we need to do our closet which Jer is working on as I type.  He's hoping (with fingers crossed on both hands) to be done by tomorrow.  More about that on a later post. 

Hope everyone had a great Friday, too!

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