Our Letter to Our Son on His 5th Month Birthday

Dear Boston,

You have really developed into a little man this past month and we absolutely love watching you grow every day. It's so much fun for us to watch you learn new things, too. Your little personality has blossomed within the last 4 weeks. Needless to say, this month was Awe-Some and really B.I.G. for you and us. You did so many new things that we could barely keep up. Here's a recap of what happened in the past month:

* You have found your hands. This is extremely cute. You will raise your hands like your driving a car and just stare at them. We always tell you to grab your steering wheel at 10 and 2! HA. Yes, I know, we are crazy parents. Sorry - you're stuck with us.
* You started grabbing at your toys and holding them. We love it because you look so intrigued and inquisitive, which we hope is an indication that you'll be a good student.
* When using a bottle, you are now drinking 6 oz. at a time and using No. 2 nipples.  We like this because you now eat much faster than before.
* Just within this last week you have started grabbing at our faces, poking our noses, stuffing your hand in our mouths and gouging our eyeballs.
* You also got big enough for us to take you on your first walk, which we talked about HERE.
* You started playing in your exersaucer - now, we just have to convince you that you will survive if you stay in it for more than 10 minutes.
* You've begun to sleep in your CRIB! That was a huge step that made us proud of you, but it was bittersweet for Mommy, who misses you sleeping in our room!
* You still very much dislike tummy time.
* You have put yourself on a schedule of going to bed at 8pm. You now sleep until 6-6:30a, when daddy goes and gets you and brings you to me.  I then feed you till you fall back asleep. Then you sleep-in till about 8:30-10am -sometimes 11am.  Daddy says you're lazy like a teenager.
*You got 2 bottom TEETH!!!  We wrote about it HERE.
* You have started to rub your eyes when you're tired. It's so cute.
* You upgraded into #2 disposable diapers, as you have some humongo hips and thunder thighs.
* You'll "coo" back to us when we try to make a cooing sound.  You're better at it than we are, for sure.
* You've started to smile at us when we smile at you or we talk to you in a high pitch noise. You also like for Mommy to make weird noises and shake her head side to side. You think it's funny and crack up hugely when she does that.
* You are on the verge of full-on laughing. You don't follow through with your laugh just yet.  It's A-dorable!!! You think it's hi-larious when we act silly and say silly things.
* As of last Monday, February 21st, you now wear GroVia cloth diapers (more all about that later).
* You love to look at yourself in the mirror. You smile and bury your face in Mommy's chest. Love it!
* You celebrated your first Valentine's with us HERE. It was the best Valentine's day ever for us.
* Daddy assembled your jumperoo and we tried putting you in it but you were too short so you're legs just hung there and didn't touch the floor. You sure did look cute, though.
* You L-O-V-E your toes! You love to grab and hold onto them. Especially when we are changing your diaper.
* You love to throw your legs down on the bed while laying down.
* You prefer to suck your fingers and thumb instead of sucking on a pacifier.  Mommy is very worried it could turn into a habit of sucking your thumb.
* You are such a sweet baby and happy all the time even despite teething. 
* At your 4 month check-up on Feb 22, you weighed 16lbs, 15oz. (74th percentile) and were 26 1/4 inches long (79th percentile), which we talked about HERE! Holy moly, you are truly getting to be a big boy.  We are literally stunned at how fast you have grown, as was your pediatrician.  It's a bit sad for Mommy and Daddy, because you no longer look like a little baby - you're already seeming to become a toddler and your only 5 months old.  But, the good news is that you are that much closer to the day you will tell us you love us, which we cannot wait for.

You make our lives amazing.
Happy 5 Months, B-man!
Our Love For You Is Without End,
Mommy and Daddy
P.S. - Here are bunch of photos of you during this last month, which we are sharing with our friends and family.  You look handsome in every one of them.

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