Boston's 2 new friends

Wow, it's been a busy 4 days.  I feel like I've neglected my other baby, our blog.  But I do have to say that we have many new exciting things (exciting to us) in store to talk about very soon! 

Over the weekend, we had an exciting citing of Boston's 2 new friends.  That's right he's got 2 friends that are tiny, white, come with pain, cute and haven't finished growing up...yep - you guessed it, these babies...

a closer look
he wasn't willing to show us his new friends, but we managed after 100 (well, almost) shots to get these two. (thanks to my friend Cecilia for getting a picture of them for us!)

These new babies have been giving him frequent problems for over a month now and we finally get to see them! We were excited to see that they have finally cut through the gums.  Now maybe they will be more kind to our sweet baby B.  This little guy is growing up way too fast. 

Happy tooth loving Tuesday,

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