our family of 3 valentine's day

Jer and I typically don't do much for v-day.  One of our main things we always do, though, is get chocolate covered strawberries.  That's our ritual.  But since we now have little man, we wanted to make his first Valentine's Day special.  We started the day with a nap, as usual.  Then we had some picture time.  He wore a shirt stitched by a sweet friend of mine, Elizabeth.  All I did was take her the tie pattern, onesie and fabric. She even has her own website at http://www.henrysmommy.com/ where she sews different things for babies.  In an earlier post, I talked about getting the tie idea from Etsy.  But after thinking about it, I decided to do it myself (except for the sewing) instead of buying it from an etsy shop.  So here's what I came up with, as far as the fabric pattern:


Jer usually works from home, but yesterday he ended up going into the office.  So, since we were alone at home I knew I wanted to send him a picture of us letting him know we were thinking about him.  So this is what we sent. 

When Jer was pulling into the garage he called me to see where I was.  He told me to stay in my room until he told me to come out.  He always surprises me and this is what I came out to.  Roses, chocolate covered strawberries, a small wrapped box and a letter.  His love letters are the best.  :-)

He stopped by the grocery store after work and got everything he needed to make us a pasta dinner.  Here's Jer cooking our dinner.

While Jer was cooking, I thought I'd set our table.  I looked around the house at what I could find that would make our setting simple but cute.  Here's what I came up with.  I set it for 3 because we wanted little man to enjoy our dinner with us in his bumbo.  :)

The heart fabric was fabric that I got as another option for Boston's tie that I didn't use.

 I used OXO from our scrabble game.

waiting for dinner...hehe

our little family

reading my letter that was written to me from Boston and Jer

my necklace from Boston...isn't he so thoughtful!?  I'll probably take it back since it looks super huge on me.  But he doesn't mind.  He actually agreed.  ;)

and of course, our yummy strawberries!!! (i'm into cheesy pictures of me)

Spending the evening as a family of 3 was absolutely perfect!  We'll remember our first v-day with our little guy, always.  Hope everyone had a very special v-day!


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