Grandma's Rocking Chair

Years ago my dad gave us this rocking chair that was his mom's, my Grandmother's.  It sat in our guest bedroom for a long time looking like this but with white cushions for the back and bottom. 
Recently, we had moved it into the nursery to use when we went up there since Bos was still staying in our room.  A few weeks ago, it caught my eye...and you know what that means.  I knew it needed to be changed a.k.a. spray painted (my secret addiction) so I went to work at finding that perfect color for it.  While at Lowe's one day, I scanned the spray paint section and narrowed it down to either, white, black, yellow or red.  I knew that it would go back into our guest bedroom so giving it a bright color would add "spark" to that room.  Then it came down to red or yellow.  But since I think I want to paint the dresser in that room red eventually, (that is, unless I chance my mind which I'm notorious for doing) I decided yellow would be the color!   
here she is...looking like a Hot Banana
she's now sittin' pretty in her home - our guest bedroom.  I just love her new color.
The color I used was Rustoleum's Warm Yellow - Gloss.  What do you guys think?  Should I have gone with red or does yellow fit her well? 

Happy Hump Day,

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Rust-Oleum said...


We love the warm yellow look. What a great transformation of the rocking chair. Thanks for using Rust-Oleum and keep up the great work!

- Rust-Oleum Scott

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