past few days and Boston jumping

Geez, the past three days have been quite a whirlwind.  With Jer's work, my work being mommy, our work on trying to finish the closet, and then packing for our upcoming trip to Atlanta, we haven't had a chance to give an update for a couple of days.  But now you know what we've been up to.  Anyhow, we'll be leaving for Atlanta EARLY Sunday morning...early as in 3 or 4am.  Oh did I mention we'll be driving?  Well, we are.  Oh and did I mention we'll be taking our (almost) 6 month old with us?  Well, we are.  We've never traveled with him so this should be interesting.  This is a big deal for us.  Traveling with him means packing for him.  That itself has been a little nerve-wracking to me.  I made my list of things that we need for him and, Wowsers, he's kind of a big deal and needs a lot.  So, pray I don't forget anything!  We are going to Atlanta because Jer has a business lunch with an insurance adjuster and to visit Jer's brother.  We'll be home sometime on Wednesday.  It's a quick trip but still a big task.  All in all, we are excited to get the heck outta Dodge for a few days for our first family trip.  We are gonna try to give an update when we get settled into our hotel room.  Wish us luck. 

One thing that we have made it a point to do over the past few days is spend time with our little man.  He absolutely loves his Jumperoo.  Last night, we sat him in it and watched him, and could not stop laughing.  He just looks so.freaking.cute jumping in it.  So we video'd him.  Enjoy!

Boston's Got the Ups from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

Happy weekend,

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