10 commandments

I had been eyeing this frame in the baby section of our church store for a while.  It's been something that I knew I wanted in B's nursery but thought I would just make my own.  Well after about a month of not having time to make it among all the other projects I want to get done, I decided to bite the bullet and just buy it.  It was only 25 buckaroos and well worth it because it's A-dorable!  It has a giraffe and an elephant which are two animals we have in his nursery.  It's something that we can show B and teach him frequently.

Isn't this just so cute for a baby's room?  I thought so too.  :)

P.S. We keep meaning to do a post of his nursery since it's finally complete, but we've decided to do a video instead of pictures, which will give us a chance to explain things in his room better than writing it.  That's coming soon. 

Happy Hump Day!

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Candy said...

That is too cute! Perfect for baby nursery. Cant wait to see video of Boston's room. Love reading your blog and seeing updates of how the baby is growing. He is just precious!

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