Boston Turns 6.5....Sheesh That Went Fast!

Fastest 6.5 years of my/our life!  I mean, what the heck?!  How is it that I'm getting older so much faster than I did while I was in college?  I remember time being my worst enemy...in the slowest way. NOW, it's going way too fast.  Ugh.  

But, because of that, it's game on.  We are determined to make the most memories while we speed through life.  

Which brings us to our Bos-man turning 6.5 last Sunday, April 2nd.  If you've followed us for a while, then you know that we always celebrate those 1/2 birthdays for our little men.  Heck anytime we can celebrate them we do.  And, I'm positive Bossy loves it.  He kept calling it "his special day." Ha.  

Since it was raining that day we had to do something fun indoors.  Jer had remembered a few people in our life group going there for a birthday and mentioned that he thinks Boston would really dig the experience.  because he's not afraid of heights and he's willing to try pretty much anything. So, we gave it a shot.  

We didn't tell him where we were going because we wanted it to be a total surprise.  The whole drive he kept asking where we were going and if we'd give him hints.  But we stuck to our guns and didn't give him any ideas.  As we drove up to the building and got into the parking lot he immediately saw the sign and asked if we were going skydiving. The kid probably would have done that, too, if we told him that's what we were doing that day.  Ha!
As soon as he walked in he go so excited.  We got our wrist bands on and headed back behind the front desk area to sit and wait for our "class" that we had to take.  We had to learn a few things to do and not to do while in the chamber with the instructor.  
 Here we are, one last photo before we start getting our gear on.
 He's so awesome.  I can't believe he's my son, still, 6.5 years later.  And pay no attention to how he's almost as tall as me.
 Gearing up.  And noticing that I've eaten wayyyy too much ice cream.  Love handles/mid-section large and in charge!
 The coolest thing I've done in a long time.
 Proud of this little dude.  Like, what the what?!  He's 6.5 years old and flying like a BOSS!
 Waiting for our turn inside the chamber.
 Totally wind blown and mind blown!  So.much.fun.
All that flying gave us quite the appetite so we headed over to Chipotle for some lunch.  
 This is when the boys "Mexican" side come out.  They both love Mexican food.  Navy even loves to eat salsa with chips.  Yeah, crazy town, I know.
Pinch me, please!!  Love them so hard.
 Ohhh, and we couldn't NOT have ice cream to end the day with.  Feeding those love-handles.  They loooove me and won't go away.
We ended the night going to see Jer's aunt who is ill and in the hospital so my parents came and got the boys and took them both to Chuck E Cheese.  Then, we met up with them afterward for dinner.

It was such a great family day.  Those are the days that I live for.  Those are the days that I work for.  Those are the days that I hope to have many many more of with my sweet boys.  All 3 of them.  It fuels this mama's love tank.

Lastly, we leave you with a short video of our little guy flying high....
Boston Flying from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

Happy 6.5 years old, handsome, Bos-man!!

We truly couldn't love you more,
Mama, Dada and Navy

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