Our Christmas Tree is Up

Christmas tree time!!  Is it me or did this year literally pass by in a mili-second?  I mean, it's terrible because that means I'm getting older quicker.  Not good, not good.  

Anyway, it was time for another family night decorating our tree.  Last year, Bossy was an awesome helper.  And I'd have to say, he was pretty amazing this year, too.  He was really into making sure the ornaments were in the right place and he had some good opinions about which ornaments to add to the tree.  The best part was seeing him so excited to help and interested.  I know he was proud of the end result.

It would have taken me a month of Sundays if he hadn't helped.  Although, it did take a little longer after a little dancing, photo/video taking, singing, time-out episodes and snack breaks.  But we got her up and she's a Beaut!!
 Bossy told me to pose.  ha.
 Snack break for the littlest. 
 Bossy laughed after he took this photo because he caught me off guard and snapped it without me knowing.  Love that little due.
 Teaching Bossy the 3 things that you need to start a fire.  
 He was the best helper.  
 Ohhh this guy. He was a mess.  Cranky as all get out.  
 Our first fire in our "new" fireplace.  *we recently knocked out our tile that surrounded our fireplace and added rock all the way up to the ceiling. more on that later*
 So, each year we'll have the boys take a photo of the tree after we've set it up and decorated it.  The two previous years were easy peasy.  This year, not so much.  :)
Navy boy was adamant about not-taking-a-photo.  So we rolled with the punches and snapped a few anyway.  Ha.  You know-for those later photos that we can show to his future wife.  Oh, and to remember that night.  I'm sure I'll laugh later, even though I wasn't laughing at all during the moment.  :) 
Until next year, boys!


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