Navy Turns 19 Months!

Oh Navy-boy,

     You are pretty dang amazing.  You have become quite the little charmer, lately.  And mama probably tells you about 10 million times a day how much she loves you.  She just can't get enough of you.  And you can't be away from her either!  You're definitely her sidekick.
Here's what you've been up to lately:
- you know how to make us laugh and will do whatever it takes to make that happen
- we haven't figured it out but every time we sit down as a family to pray before a meal you get so mad.  You yell after we all say, "Amen." We have to hurry and change the subject and move your focus to something else.  
- you are still obsessed with doing your "numbers."  You know exactly where the bowl is that they are in and you'll point to them and then sit down in the living room floor so that we can lay them out and count to you.  It's pretty dang awesome.  Brother does a great job at practicing with you, too.
- You started learning the shapes: triangle and heart along with numbers 6-10
- you're still not a fan of us dropping you off at the church nursery.  But after the drop off and we are no longer in sight you do well.  Although, it might be because they pamper you.  :)
- wearing size 5 shoe
- you still LOVE to drink your milk out of a bottle and not sippy cups
- you've started saying, "more" which is more like "moo"
- obsessed with water and swimming 
- wearing 18-24 months clothing
- wearing size 5 diapers

You're one amazing little fella.  Thank you for loving us so much.

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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