First Day of Preschool

September 2014

Bossy goes to preschool!  Preschool had always been up in the air for our family.  I'd always loved being able to shelter and teach Bossy at home.  However, we knew that because there was another baby on the way, I had a thankfully successful business to run and a possibility of getting preeclampsia again all signs pointed to that being the best decision for our family this year.  Don't get me wrong, I was really sad.  Sad that I wouldn't be the only influencer in Bossy's young life.  I would be handing some influences over to anther person.  That scared me and my heart ached.  Up until his first day of preschool I was a wreck.  Combined with being pregnant it wasn't a pretty sight.  Ha.  However, the Lord kept telling me it was okay and that it would be a great thing for him.  Seeing how happy he was when we went to visit/tour the school a few months before put me a little more at ease with the decision.  He's a very social person, never meets a stranger, so I knew he would love it.  Knowing this helped a lot.  If he had been a kid that would cry every time I dropped him off we would have definitely removed him without a question.  

The morning of his first day was a big deal here at home.  We took some pictures and made his lunch.  Growing up my mom would always put little "love" notes in my lunch pails and this was something that I wanted to carry on with my children. We hope that his teacher reads them all to him.  :)  
The weekend before his first day of preschool he went and visited his grandparents at the ranch while Jer and I went on our "baby moon."  While he was there he fell and hit his nose.  I freaked thinking about him going to school with this scabbed up nose!  Ha.  It wasn't funny then but it is now and when we look back on these pictures in the next 10-20 years.
Walking in like he owns the place.  He was ready and happy!  :)
We got there a little early so we had to wait in the foyer for about 10 minutes before the doors were opened.  I got to sit with him to chat a little.  Mostly me telling him that I'm gonna miss him and that I love him and that I'm so proud of him.  
1st day of preschool video from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

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Sara Moon said...

So amazing! My moment will be next year. I'm already praying for him and I. I love when you blog. : ))

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