First Meal Plan of The Year

Our meal plan for the week:

It's been so long since I've meal planned.  I think it's safe to say that this is the first one of the year. Gasp!  I've totally been slacking.  But over the weekend, Jer and I were talking about how it's so much more cheaper/less stressful.  Having your meals planned out requires no thinking.  Plus, you know exactly what to get at the grocery store so there's less "extras" thrown in your basket while shopping.  I'm the queen of that.  I see something and throw it in.  Now, I can take my list for my meal plan and only get the things we will need for that week.  PLUS, I'm not rummaging through the fridge or cupboard at 4pm trying to find something in a hurry to make before the hubs gets home!  That in itself is worth it.  Ha.

I'm also going to be meal planning Navy's meals each week.  Once I do, I'll post that here, too!  We try to have him try out a new food each week so meal planning his meals makes sense.  :)



Sara Moon said...

Yummy! I may just have to copy this when we start school next week.

Kelsey said...

Love a meal planning and I am looking forward to seeing yours for ideas and inspiration!

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