Navy Turns 4 Months

A little bit about your 4th month:

- you have started to chew on your hands 
- you are drooling more
- you always smile when mama talks to you.  You have the sweetest smile.
- you still sleep like a champ at night
- you are starting to wear size 3-6 month clothing
 - you are about to start wearing size 2 diapers
- you love to eat
- you still love to look/study your hands
- you are a very calm baby; very content and easy
- you only cry when you are hungry or tired
- you're not a fan of tummy time
- you are starting to hit at things like your hanging toys on your bouncer and carseat
- you love your bouncer and the vibration
- you are starting to fill out and gain some weight 
- its fun watching you throw your arms/hands up to hit your toys
- you love to chew on your hands and fingers
- you like to study your hanging toys
- you study your hands and fingers a lot
- you love the ceiling fan
- you smile a lot!

You are so fun, such a blessing and we can't wait to watch you grow!

We love you!!

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