Navy Turns 3 Months

Here's what your 3rd month looked like:

- you started wearing size 1 diapers
- you are looking more like an infant rather than a newborn
- you got your first cold from your brother (12.20.14)
- you started noticing your arm.  You'll raise it, look at it and study it.  It's adorable. (12.21.14)
- still a great sleeper at night
- you are getting heavy.  Packing on some weight. :)
- you close your hand into a fist and stick your thumb in between your pointer finger and middle finger.  Its so cute.  
- you love taking baths
- you are starting to become very vocal.  You have a lot to say.  :)
- you laughed for the very first time ever on NYE (which we video'd)

You've been the best part of our month!
We love you!!

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