Navy Turns 2 Months

A little bit about your 2nd month:

- right at your 5 week mark you were able to fit into size 0-3 month clothing comfortably (Nov 19)
- you are starting to really like your carseat
you have amazing neck strength
- started tummy time at 6 weeks
- you took your first family pictures 
- drinking between 5-7 ounces at a time
- still nursing about 90% of your feedings
- you have smiled several times when you hear mommy talking to you which made us so happy
- you aren't a fan of dirty diapers
- your baby acne has started to go away
- you traveled to Arkansas
- you hit a growth spurt 
- you still have some cradle cap
- you are still sleeping between 6-8 hours at night
- you sleep really well in your car seat
- you are almost out of NB diapers and into size 1
- you produced your first tear

You are so amazing and we are so thankful for you!

We love you!!

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