Welcome, 3rd Trimester

Hello there....3rd trimester!

Second trimester... you were really good to me.  Now let's hope the good trend keeps going from here on out.  :)

My inlaws are throwing me a shower and wanted a picture of me for the invitation so I asked my photographer aka "the husband" to snap a few shots of me real quick and this is what we came out with.

You could say that I'm fully embracing this baby bump thing.  I absolutely love it.  I loved it with Bossy and I love it with this bambino.  Buuut.... lets face it, with a short torso and being barely 5 feet tall, an extra 5lbs on me looks more like and extra 100lbs on my frame so I'm always that pregnant lady that tends to look more "chubby" than pregnant for most of my pregnancies.  So, I was hoping that being in a sitting position for these pictures wouldn't make me look too chubby.

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