My New Baby/Mom Mobile

After 10 years, I finally got a new car!!  Or as I like to call it my "baby mobile."  I know, I had been driving in the stone ages.  My Mercedes did me well for the last 10 years.  And she's still running strong (she will now be Jer's car now...he'll drive it to work every day).  :)  But it was time, time to get something bigger to fit another baby in.

As soon as we got pregnant again we knew we would have to end up getting a new and bigger car.  We just weren't sure exactly what we wanted.  But over the past several months our new car criteria started to get narrowed down.  It got narrowed down to 2 main things: it couldn't be big and bulky (since I was so used to driving a car) and it had to have 3 rows so that we could grow into it if we ever decided to have a 3rd child mainly because I will likely drive this new car until the wheels fall off, we wanted to make sure it had 3 rows so we didn't have to eventually buy a new one in 3-4 years.

The only two SUV's that we liked, looked at and test drove were the Mercedes GL and the Lexus GX. They both had exactly what we wanted.  But the Lexus won due to the 20K price difference.

And as of last Monday (exactly a week ago) we are new owners of a Lexus GX 460 Luxury and couldn't be happier.  Although....we were LOVING not having a single car payment for several years. Ha.  
Last Saturday, while my parents watched Boston, we did most of the "car shopping" and decision making.  Then on Monday morning we headed back over to sign the papers and drive our car home.  But since we didn't have a sitter on Monday we brought the little guy with us.  We signed our life away...I mean, our paperwork, while he played his learning apps on the iPad.  
Ahhh keys in my hand and she's officially mine!!
She has so many bells and whistles that I'm still having to get used to.  I've never even had navigation. Ha.  I knowwww....I've been missing out big time.  I'm loving driving her and the best part....we are now ready for baby #2 since we now have a vehicle for baby to come home in!  We can now check that off our "to-do before baby comes" list.  :)



Lisa C said...

I understand with the old cars. I drive a 2002 Jeep that still has a tape deck. Enjoy the new SUV!

Amy said...

Congratulations. It looks very nice!

Callie Nicole said...

Oo, it looks nice!

Diana Hayes said...

Well, the twenty thousand difference is really a big thing! Haha! Anyway, I guess it’s not bad, since you chose an awesome car. It looks so comfortable to drive, so I think you can easily adjust to it. Cheers!

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

Bradford Oliver said...

You’ve proven that some situations call for desperate changes. It’s nice to know that you decided to buy a bigger car for your growing family. At least you won’t worry about how your family would fit in the car during your road trips. Anyway, congratulations on your new car. You have great taste in your choice of cars. Cheers!

Bradford Oliver @ LaCustoms

Colin Morton said...

Car shopping must've been a lot easier for you, since you have already set standards as to what you want and need on the car that you’ll buy. While it might not win a car fashion show, but I’m sure you’ll love the additional space it could provide for your new baby. I might be a bit late for this, but congratulations on getting a new SUV! All the best!

Colin Morton @ Sea Port Auto

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