Train Ridin'

Bossy is still into trains.  Anytime we pass a train while driving that is moving he insists that we roll down the windows so that he can listen to the train rolling by.  It's the sweetest thing.  So, it's only normal that we actually get him on a train once in a while even in the hot Texas weather.  :)  
He's mesmerized every time.  And it warms my heart.  The train that we go on in Fort Worth is a mini train that's about a 30 minute ride.  We even stop for some popcorn and drinks on our way back to the station.  It's perfect.  
After building up an appetite from our snack on the train, we hit up Panera Bread that's close by for some grub.  Ham sandwich for him and salad and flatbread for mama.
Ohh and a lemonade slush for the drive home.  :)

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