As we have our afternoon snack, his a popsicle and mine fruit, I like to snap a few pictures of him and our time outside.  We strip him down since he tends to get messy, he chooses a seat at the table on our patio, jet walks around waiting for something to fall off to the ground to eat and we talk.  He's such an amazing little guy to be around.  He is full of thoughts and stories.  Not to mention, I could stare at him all day and just smile.  The different facial expressions that he makes kills me.  I want to be able to look back at these one day and remember what they all looked like.  He's got so many.  It'll also be one of those times where I can look back and remember...."oh yeah, that's when we lived at that home (if we ever move), that's when you were 3.5 years old and that's when you were still at home with mommy all day having your afternoon (after nap) snack."  Those are the memories I want to savor and cherish down the road.  

Watching him grow up is a hard hard thing.  It's bitter sweet.  I can't wait to see him when he's older and what he'll be into and what career he'll choose but I also want to bottle him up and not let him get any older.  I love these days.  The days where he's still home with me.  The mornings when we have learning time and play time and errands.  Even running errands with him are fun.  I know soon he won't be doing lots of those things with me anymore.  The days where he'll be in school all day everyday.  Those are hard to think about.  

So I don't.  :)

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