Baby #2 Needs A Journal, Too

As soon as we found out that we were pregnant with Boston we immediately went out and got a journal to write in.  We were pretty religious about writing to "the baby" while I was pregnant and up until now.  It's something that we don't share with anyone.  It's contains some of our deepest thoughts to him and sometimes it's just dated and has "I Love You" written on it.  It's become one of the most cherished things that we own.  Over the last 4 years we have loved going back through it and reading what we wrote and what was happening during a certain part of my pregnancy with him or how our lives were when he was only a few days/months old.  There's so much that I had forgotten until I'll start reading all the little fun things that were happening.  It's a journal that will eventually be his when he's old enough to appreciate it.  Until then Jer and I will continue to write to him our thoughts, our love, his growth, what new words he started saying and everything in between.   

Jer writing in Boston's journal one morning while I was in the hospital on bed rest.  Easily, one of my favorite pictures.  It's crazy to think that we were writing to a baby whom we didn't even know the gender of.

So, for baby #2 we knew we wanted to do the same thing.  About 3 weeks after we saw the "pregnant" word on that little stick (after our first sonogram appointment to make sure that my uterus was indeed occupied) we went back to Barnes and Noble and found that they had the exact same journal that we got Boston.  We thought of maybe getting a different style for the new baby but didn't really see any that we thought was "gender neutral" or even cute.  So we opted to stick with the same brown leather journal.  After all, we want to be fair.  :)  

We couldn't wait to start writing to the newest Cook.  And we are excited about continuing the tradition for both babies.
A trip to the bookstore isn't complete with out a heaping bowl of gelato!  It helps that it's within walking distance.  
Nothing like some good ol' gelato to finish a sentimental family night.  Even the baby had a taste.  :)


Lisa C said...

What a sweet tradition!

ashlyebrink said...

That is such a sweet and special tradition. Your children (and their families in the future!) will really, really appreciate that. Such a great idea!

Sara Moon said...

So sweet!

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