Learning Mornings

Most mornings (not all) are spent having a little learning time (about 30 minutes to an hour).  During that time we'll read, practice adding numbers, spelling words with flashcards, studying United States map, doing puzzles and whatever else I have come up with lately for him to learn.  

I like to document these mornings sometimes because they are fun.  The whole house is quite and it's just me and Boston upstairs in the playroom....oh and brother Jet will come up and visit, too. :)  
When we read we like to spell so that he can get familiar with words in books that we read often.  And this book is our favorite since they are all lowercase letters (which Bossy has known since he was 2).  
After a little reading he played trains while I colored.    
Oh and he took a little break to do a little exercising...or at lease tried. Ha.
He pulled out his doctor case and he checked my vitals.  It's so funny, one time he was checking my heartbeat with his stethoscope and I closed my eyes.  Now, anytime I check his heart he closes his eyes.  He even closes his eyes when at his doctors office. Ha.  Its hilarious what they learn from you.
We had a little puzzle time.  And he decided that I needed help on mine so he proceeded to complete mine for me.  :)
Mornings are my favorite.  And I'm pretty sure he loves them too.

He loves to learn and he gets my total undivided attention and I get to savor these moments with him.  Its a win win!


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Ashlee Haddad said...

Hi Jen! What dinosaur book is Boston reading? Thanks!

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