our week

We had a really good week.  It was full and busy.  Since my moms groups at church are over for the summer we had lots of at home and play days.  He likes to be outside.  So last weekend daddy cleaned out and set up his water table.  The water table he got for his 18 month old birthday and the water table he still loves.  He doesn't even mind going out there by himself now.  He'll even grab his bubbles and blow them, too.  I'll open the back window blinds so that I can see him from the kitchen while I do dishes or make food.  I made a meal plan for the entire week so we hit up central market for some grocery shopping which was awesome.  I was able to go with an an exact list of things that I would need in my meals and we stuck to that meal plan each night.  Monday through Friday (since we were leaving on a trip Saturday).  His favorite thing to do when we go is getting to eat some trail mix.  Best part, it keeps him busy while I shop.  Win win.  

All in all it was a great relaxing week and we are so happy that summer is here!  

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