A Mini Trip To Longview

We decided that we would join daddy on his 3 hour trip to the big ol' city of Longview, Texas.  He had 4 depositions in 2 days and he would have to spend the night away from home.  But since Bossy and I would miss him, we decided to tag along.  

Although, Jer loves it when we come with him.  I think he misses us just as much as we miss him.  Ha.

During the days, we like to keep busy.  Today, since we had awesome weather we walked around the cute little town where Boston found this big staircase that he wanted to climb up and down over and over.

This kid has no fear of heights.  

Ohhh and I got to take a nap!  This by far is the most exciting thing that happened during this trip.  I can't remember the last time I got to take a nap with this guy....or even take nap at all.  Typically as soon as he goes down for his nap, I haul "hiney" as Boston would say, straight upstairs and work.  Whether its packaging orders, shipping, responding to emails, ordering fabric, etc.  There's always something to do.  But today.  Nothing.  Nothing but sleeping to be had.  Pure bliss.  :)

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Emily said...

Sweetest picture of you two!!!

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