The Oh So Ghost-ly and Spider-ly Yard

Yup, it's mid-November now and I'm still writing about Halloween.  But get ready, there's more old news to come.  Like his 3rd birthday party and our Mexican vacation.  Oy!

Now that we have a 3 year old that is really getting into holidays, we wanted to do more for Halloween than we usually do (or have for the past 3 years).  We pulled out our 7 foot ghost and spider.  We knew he'd enjoy them.  But first our yard needed some work.  It looked like someone had thrown a ton of weeds into our yard.  

So the boys did their last mow job of the year.  
He LOVES mowing with his daddy.  He'll tell you the order they do things in, like: edging, weed-eating, mowing and then blowing.
Whoops, he caught me.  Ha
Once the yard was mowed they pulled out the decor.
These two!
Isn't that ghost too cool?!  He was a HIT with Boston.  Especially since he lights up at night.
Here I am taking pictures while Jer is asking me to tell him if the ghost is standing up straight.  Ha.
All ghosts have baby ghosts, right?
This little skeleton face was Boston favorite, though.  We put him in the bush next to our front door so anytime Boston would walk out (which was what he wanted to do often) it would scare us!
So fun making memories with little man this year!

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