Boston The Parrot - Halloween 2013

Halloween this year was a lot like last year.  Dad works from home, I get B dressed while dada gets the candy ready, we head outside around 5:30 to set up our chairs, pumpkins and candy and we take pictures while we wait for the trick-o-treaters.  

For some reason, this year felt like it got dark faster.  

Boston the parrot was a pretty awesome parrot.  He loved flapping his wings and wearing his costume. Thankfully.  Even during the week leading up to Halloween he asked to wear it.  

He was the cutest little parrot ever.  
Boston the parrot was so generous, even offering the little kids his candy out of his bucket of candy.  Fine by me!  :)
Its a toss up....wether he liked handing out candy more than trick-o-treating.  It was so fun watching him ask the kids if they wanted candy.  Sharing is caring.  :)
That little tail killed me.
Jer's dad and stepmom came over to trick-o-treat with us so as soon as we noticed it starting to get dark we left Jer's dad to hand out candy while we took the parrot around the neighborhood.  He was a parrot on a mission for sure.
Grammy showing B the way.
Several homes left a bowl of candy out on their front porch.  And one even had a bowl full of travel size toothpaste.  Brilliant.
They were on their way to the door of this house until the parrot spotted the spider on the rock!  That was a no-go.
I couldn't help myself.  His undies showing cracked us up.  But he wouldn't let me touch his costume so he walked around like that for the last 30 minutes of his trick-o-treating.  HA.  So like any mommarrazi I took a picture of it.  
Hilarious.  When he walked up to this house with all of these girls they all started saying..."awww what a cute parrot" and "let him go first."  Too funny.  
Jer and I still couldn't believe we have a child that is big enough to be trick-o-treating.  He was such a big independent boy going up to the doors all by himself.  He's definitely not a shy one.
Our ghost!
Another year, and another fun halloween as a family!  

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Amy said...

How fun! What an adorable costume.

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