All About Trains

Our mornings lately equals lots of trains playing.  Up until recently Boston didn't like to play on his own.  So I was his playmate.  But every since we've put his train tracks on the floor and off his train table he's now interested in playing with them more.  Who would have though?!

Although, you'll often find me on the floor right next to him "choo-choo'in" away.  

After I know that he's in his own playland I'll step away and throw a load of laundry in or load the dishwasher.  

This particular morning we were upstairs in the playroom doing our thing.  Playing trains.  And the only sounds running through the house were the sounds of us driving our trains.  It was quiet and peaceful.  
He then decided that poor little dinosaur needed a shot.  Ha.

1 comment:

Celeste said...

He's so cute! Quiet mornings with my boy are just about my favorite thing lately...can't wait til he's a little older and we can really play together :)

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