A Whole 28 Months, Stud Man

*Feb 2*
Oh Bossy you are our little knight.  You shine so bright in our eyes and have taught us so much about how loving a child feels.  It feels awesome.  Our love for you is infinite and unconditional.  

I can't believe it's been 28 months since you've entered this world.  It's been the best 28 months of our lives.  Sharing the rest of our lives with you has to be best thing daddy and I could have ever ask for.  You have been such an awesome little son.  You are perfect for us.  This month has been an eventful one.  We are so thankful for you and everything about you.  We often wonder what life was like without you.  Even though your mommy and daddy had been together for 14 years before you entered into our lives.  What we can say is that our lives have gotten so much more fun.  We didn't even know that was possible because we lived life to fullest while being DINKs (double income no kids).  :) 

Every now and then I think back to the first couple of months with you when you would sleep on our chests peacefully, fit on the boppy and nurse in the early hours of the morning where it was just me and you and I would carry you everywhere in my Baby K'Tan.... and I cry.  I shed a tear because I truly miss those days.  Probably because your momma is a overly sentimental about you and because it was such a glorious time.    

However, with that said.....even though the thought of you growing up (too fast for comfort) and getting older is like nails on a chalkboard, we do enjoy every part of every new stage.  Each stage does get more fun.  We have loved getting to see your personality come through.  You have a very kind soul and also love to make us laugh.  You are likely to be class clown like your dad was/is.  :)

Happy 28 months.  You have our hearts.

We love you more than you'll ever know,
-Your faithful mommy and daddy-

Here's what you are up to these days:
- you call the iPad the iPap and you are very good at using it.  we only let you play learning apps and sometimes we let you watch a Disney show (Mickey Mouse) on it.  each time you get to play on it you already know the Disney app is off limits because you shake your finger and say, "No Disney, no Disney!" hahaha.  
- when we ask you a question like, "do you want to go to the park?" instead of saying, "Yes!" you say, "Ookaaayy" it is the cutest thing ever.  you don't ever say the word yes.  it's always okay.  cracks us up every.single.time.  
- you love animals.  so much so that you have taught yourself (memorized) about 30-40 types of animals and species and their sounds.  
- every time you see an airplane in the sky you say, "airplane park at airport."  since we live near one of the major airports in Texas the planes are often low and headed towards the airport to land.
- if you don't want to eat something or do something you always say, "No____!"  like when we say it's nap time or time to go to bed.  You say, "No nap!"or "No bed!"  ha.  
- you still say "Mas" for more in Spanish.
- you are still pretty obsessed with Mickey Mouse.
- part of one of your Christmas presents from us this year was a United States of America map.  you love it.  love looking at it and learning the states.  we've taught you all of the states that you've been to.  California, Florida and, of course, Texas.  you can now point to them when we ask you.  You also know where the ocean is.  it always reminds you of the ocean in Florida when you played on the beach.  you still remember.  crazy!
showing us where Texas is located.  :)
- you still say bless you when someone sneezes or coughs
- when you need help doing something your immediate response is, "Hep peas" aka help please.
- you think its so cool to run through your Jack and Jill bathroom.  you get a kick out of running from your room through your bathroom and ending up in another room.  ha.
- you get a kick out of washing your hands and using your step stool, still.  you're hands are now always clean.  :)
- you are still rocking out on learning your lowercase letters
- you always refer to yourself as "Bossy."  ha.  I guess we call you that all too often.  
- you love granola and yogurt so much you wake up asking daddy for it.  and you wake up from your nap asking for it too.  you would eat only that if we'd let you.  
- you are officially in size 3T clothing
- you haven't shown any sign of wanting to potty on the toilet so we will wait.  but daddy for the past 5 months or so when daddy is here you go and watch him so that you know what to do when you are ready.  
- you celebrated your 3rd New Years with us!
- you got to play in snow again this month!
- you are an awesome helper.  You love helping me put laundry away.  it may not be perfect but its okay.  when daddy pulls open his drawers to his messy socks in his drawer he knows who the culprit was.  :)
- if something is too hard or heavy you either say, "That's too heavy!" or "That's too big!"
- your favorite chore to do is sweeping.  you can spot a broom anywhere.  even at restaurants.
- another favorite: vacuums.  you know where we store our vacuum and you'll open that closet just to see it and touch it.  then you close to door and say, "Bye bye vacuum."  at stores, its a must that if we pass (or you spot their vacuums) we have to go and let you touch them.  
- you have had a blast this past month playing and reading in your teepee.  and sometimes you'll go in there and act like you are sleeping and start snoring.  you're quite the ham.

- anytime you fall you immediately say, "I'm okay!"  it's adorable.
- you love telling Jet, "Good boy!" and then you pat his back.  ha.
- you love to recycle things.  daddy and I are huge about recycling.  we have a big recycling bin next to our trash can in our pantry.  when I hand you something and tell you to recycle it, you know exactly where to put it.  
- you moved up to the 2 year old class in the church nursery!
- you HAVE to do everything yourself.  you take your shorts, pants and jackets off by yourself, you have to help pull your pants up and put your socks on.  you have to push the button to open and close the garage when we come and go.  you have to buckle yourself into your car seat (we help you but you don't seem to notice).  you put your crocs (shoes) on by yourself.  you have to push the carts in stores (you no longer want to sit in the seat).  you have become VERY independent lately and wanting to do "mommy and daddy" things.
- you constantly ask to drive.  we made the mistake of letting you sit in the driver seat a few too many times to help us "drive" the car/truck into the garage and now you think you have to drive all the time.  if we don't let you, it's not a pretty sight.  :)
- in the car you say, "Music, music!" and if I don't turn on our church CD you flip.  total meltdown.  
- biggest event this month: you had a major ouchie on Thursday, January 24th and your first trip to the Emergency Room (a post all about it coming soon).


McKenna Ryan said...

Such a beautiful family you have!!
xx. McKenna Lou

Mommie Couture said...

He is just too much cute! I can't get enough! xo www.mommiecouture.com

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