Weekends: My Favorite Days

Weekends are fun.  It's two days of family fun.

Fun when we have plans and fun when we are being lazy at home doing absolutely nothing.  No matter what we are/aren't doing together we are having a great time.  Weekends are when we get our daddy all to ourselves which is our ultimate favorite.

There's nothing more that I'd rather be doing than spending time with my little family.

There's nothing like it.  Nothing more enjoyable.

Here's a few moments from one Sunday morning at the Cook home that I'll be bottling up and cherishing.  

Simple but us.

Here's our two videos from this particular Sunday morning.

P.S. We are knew to the new Vine app where we've posted a few videos!  Follow us: Jennifer Cook 

Sunday 2.3.13 from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

Sunday 2 from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.


Irfan Butt said...


Lindsay said...

Haha, we have that B drum thing, too, and Ethan LOVES to toss the ball pit balls into it. Great minds!! <3

Such sweet photos!

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