Twenty-Seven For The B-ster

Oh Bossy.... you are amazing.  And truly our dream child.  :)  These past 27 months (which you turned last Wednesday) have been the best months of mine and daddy's lives.  We only thought we were living a great life....then you came into it and made it truly awesome.  Everyday there is something knew that you are doing or saying and we can't help but burst with happiness.

Another month has come and gone and we are ever so thankful that we've gotten so spend another month with you.  We can't wait to spend MANY many more!

Here's what you've been up to this past month: 
- Anytime you do something that shocks us or spill something or throw something mommy says, "Oh wow" and now you say it.  All.the.time.
- Your favorite show to watch in the mornings while eating breakfast is Mickey Mouse and you've become a little obsessed.
- You recently learned how to blow your nose.  We aren't even sure how you learned because we never really taught you.
- Every time you burp or toot you immediately say excuse me.  Yes, we think it's adorable.
- Anytime you throw a toy when you're not supposed to or you hurt Jet by being too rough with him we always make you say sorry to the toy and to Jet.  So....now when you get hurt you say, "I sorry" to yourself.  Ha.
- Your favorite thing to do is help daddy take out the trash and bring it back in after the garbage truck has picked it up.  Because of this, we have started learning our days of the week (kinda, you only know Sunday and Monday) because you ask most mornings to "take tash" and I tell you that it's not Sunday yet.
- You love to help check the mail in the afternoons when dada gets home.
- When you want us to carry you you say, "I carry you?"  Too funny.
- Your favorite new movie is "PoPess" aka Polar Express.  We watched it during the holidays as a family and you've become hooked.  Not surprised since it's about a train!
- For a few weeks this month you would throw a mega tantrum when it was time to get back into your car seat after returning from a store.  You've started wanting to "drive" and be in the front seat.  Something daddy started and now it's a must in your book.  Sorry dude, you're not 16.  :)
- You've started saying, "Oh no!"  Especially when watching Polar Express and the little kid looses his ticket.  You'll say it over and over.  Daddy and I look at each other and snicker under our breaths.
- For the first time ever you stayed overnight away from home.  You went to stay at the ranch with your your grammy and grandaddy while mommy and daddy got a few things done around the house and went on a few dates.
*leaving in grandaddy's truck*
- At night if we are outside or driving down the road you yell out, "Crescent moom" or "Moom."  You can tell the difference when it's a crescent moon or a full moon.  You never fail to amaze us.
- When ever you kiss Jet you say, "aww" because that's what we say when we see you do it.
- You love pointing out backhoes, bulldozers, police cars, excavators, fire trucks, buses, skid steers, fuel trucks and garbage trucks while riding in the car.  Its safe to say that you are also obsessed with all types of big equipment.  The amazing part - you know the difference between all of them thanks to a book you got for your birthday.  You've studied that book so well that you know exactly where they are on the pages too.
- During the weekends when we play our church songs at home you will raise your hand/s and say "praise Jesus" it makes us laugh every time.  Our hope is that you really do praise Jesus when you grow up.
- If we are in front of any mirror and I point to you and ask you who that is you say, "Bossy!" Ha.
- You say anything we tell you to say all the time which is such a delight because only 5-6 months ago you wouldn't say anything when we asked you to say it.
- Another thing that mommy says way too often in front of you is, "Oh my!" and now you say it all the time.
- We've already given you already have a chore: feeding Jet.  And you love it.  Jet will never starve with you around.  Jet often finds ice in his water too.
- You are currently transitioning into wearing mostly 3T clothing except for pj's we keep you in 2T so they are nice and snug on you.
- You wear sizes 8/9 shoes.
- You have discovered a love for dancing.  You get up off the couch to do the hot dog dance after watching an episode of the mickey mouse club.  It's the cutest thing ever because your dancing is what we call slow motion dancing.  Because it's very slow and thought out.  Ha.
- You're still an awesome eater except you've began to not like veggies so much.  Everything else you'll eat.  We are working on changing that.....momma is about to start incorporating pureed veggies into your meals.
- You have become quite the kisser.  You will often walk up to dada's head and kiss it or pull my hand to your mouth and kiss it.  This has become an often occurrence lately and we hope that it never stops.  It literally melts our heart each and every time.
- You love to do learning apps on the iPad which you hilariously call it the "iPap" no matter how many times we try to get you to pronounce the "d" in iPad.
Son.....thank you for being you.  You are perfect in our eyes and couldn't have asked Jesus for a better child.  After all, HE trusts us with you and chose us to be your parents.  What an honor and a gift.  

Your grateful and love-you-more-than-words-can-say parents,


Myers Family said...

Soooo Cute! He looks like a little lumber jack!

Dara said...

Simon also says "hold you" when he wants me to hold him. I try not to correct him so he'll keep saying it forever! :) I can't let Simon sit in the driver's seat because then he'll always want to, I know it! he loves cars! (he says cars-es!) I love that Boston calls himself Bossy, that is really cute.

Lindsay said...

My son says "Oh, wow" all of the time -- it cracks me up!

Such a sweet post!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

Love the top picture, totally digging his boots!


Altax said...

He looks so cute!!!

Kids Games

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Super cute photos!

Happy 27 months!


McKenna Ryan said...

What a beautiful family you have!!! Your little boy is so handsome. I am so glad I came across your blog, I will definitely be following you on bloglovin. xx. McKenna Lou

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