Meal Plan For The Week

It's a new year which means it's the best time to start taking charge of my family's meal planning each week.  I did this a few times last year and then I got burned out/forgot/didn't have time.

Buuuut, since one of my resolutions this year is "getting healthy".....part of that means I have to be prepared.  It's so much easier for me to eat healthier when I have planned things out and I'm prepared.  This means I don't have to wonder what to make each day and end up vegging on some unhealthy food because the healthy stuff took too much time to make.
After our trip to the grocery store which you saw on instagram I came home and packaged some veggies and fruits for our week.  Many of these veggies will be used for our meals throughout the week, dinners, breakfast (omelette's) and smoothies.  Not shown, I also packaged up some pineapple, mango and cantaloupe.  

Plus, another up-side to my meal planning is saving Jer's hard earned coins.  If I have my list at the grocery store of exactly what goes into each meal then that's all I get while shopping.  No more chunking things into the basket that won't get eaten.

Anyway, here's our meal plan for this week.

Oh wait.  One more thing.  I'm starting Weight Watchers today!  I went Saturday and weighed in (and let's just say it wasn't a pretty number for this 5 footer....5ft and 3/4 actually).  So each Saturday morning I'll get my toosh up to go weigh in.  I chose Saturday because:
a) I can go first thing in the morning while the boys are asleep and before I eat anything.  I don't eat or drink anything before I weigh in each time so it gives me a more accurate number.  Oh and I make sure I pee (yeah TMI) right before I leave the house and
b) I'm pretty terrible on the weekends so I have all week to get back on track before my next weigh in.
**Each month I'll try to give an update and let you know what did and didn't work.  Plus it'll help me to review in later months.  By letting you all know, hopefully this will keep me accountable!  :)

First meal plan of 2013:
- waffles (dry for Boston.  peanut butter or banana for me)
- cereal
- coffee (for me, of course)
- veggie omelette's
- oatmeal
- turkey bacon
- banana
- fruit
- pancakes on Saturday
(B still eats his pancakes and waffles dry meaning no syrup. and devours about 3 huge pancakes.  as far as not introducing him to syrup...."what he doesn't know won't hurt him."  

- grilled cheese
- rolled up deli ham
- veggie chips
- leftovers from dinner the night before
- avocado mixed w/a little bit of sour cream (B's favorite)
- frozen meal (for me)
- cheese sticks
- veggies
- fruit
- salad (for me)
- pistachios
- yogurt w/granola (Boston's favorite snack)
- smoothies

**Breakfast and lunch are typically the same each week, plus or minus a few things.  Breakfast always consists of a banana and some type of fruit.  And both will become part of my breakfast now, since they are both 0 points with WW.

Monday 1/7 - Pot Roast/buttered bread/fruit
Tuesday 1/8 - BLT/chips/fruit
Wednesday 1/9 - leftover pot roast
Thursday 1/10 - Spaghetti/garlic bread/salad
Friday 1/11 - Fish/short grain brown rice/veggies/fruit
Saturday 1/12 - Out To Eat
Sunday 1/13 - Steak/sweet potato/salad/fruit

A few things about our diets:

* we've been horrible the past few months about eating veggies.  so I'll be adding more veggies into our dinners.  Plus making it a point to have a piece of fruit with every single meal for all of us not just B.

* we are toying with the idea of introducing peanut butter to him this year.  

* we still eat mostly Organic like I explained in this post back in the summer except I've changed a few things for Boston.  He eats more non-organic foods unless they are considered to be "the dirty dozen" aka the most contaminated.  Here's a list you can print out.  His snacks (cookies/goldfish/yogurt/etc) are no longer organic.

* Boston drinks only water and organic milk.  Not sure when we will be introducing him to juices.  My fear is that he'll end up preferring juice over water once he gets a taste of it.  But I have friends whose children still like water just as much so we'll see!  :)

* but with that being said, now that he's 2 he does get cookies, cake, ice cream and suckers (dum dums) on occasion.  He's definitely not deprived. Ha.  Everything in moderation.  :)

Do you guys meal plan?  Or do weight watchers?  I'd love to hear all about them.  I love getting meal planning ideas from other bloggers.  It might be just because I'm nosey and like to see what other people eat.  :)


Mallorie said...

Love this post! I really need to start doing this! Thanks for the motivation! :-)

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

your post may motivate me to attempt meal planning. I agree much easier when you have a plan!

Mrs. Mommy said...

I've been meaning to start meal planning again and your post motivated me to do it tonight! I just blogged about it :)

I've thought about WW too, but just haven't wanted to spend the money. Everyone I know that does it, LOVES it!

Kelly Ann said...

These fresh ingredients look absolutely amazing!

Sparkles and Shoes

The Squyres Family said...

My goal is p90x!! Maybe nap time for kiddos.. Play date for mommy?! Haha miss you!

Kristin Ackerman said...

A great post! Weight watchers and counting calories/fat/protein/carbs totally works!! I hope I can keep up as well!!


Kelly said...

My goodness girl! I am working on my meal planning today actually so this post comes in at a good time! I have been cooking mostly casseroles and potatoes and just heavy foods b/c that's what I was raised on. If we had salad it was...gasp...iceberg lettuce!! LOL! I really want my kids raised differently foodwise and pray they don't have the issues I do! ACK! SO i'm going to steal a couple of your ideas! :):)

Myers Family said...

Every Sunday I make a meal plan and grocery list by the items that are on sale in our local grocery stores ad!
I started doing this when I became a SAHM to save money and our grocery bill has been cut in half. I used to go and just throw stuff in the basket and decide the night before or the day of what we were having for dinner. We would always end up going out to eat because of lack of planning and throwing away food in our fridge because it was going bad.

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

When I get home from the store I need to chop all of my veggies up. . then I will EAT them more! :-) Great ideas!

Laura Day said...

I really need to start doing this! We waste a lot of produce because I don't use it before it goes bad. Thanks for the tips!

Ashley said...

I am really good about meal planning, but I slack on the execution of the plan! haha! I definitely see a big drop in our budget when I stick to my plan, though. :)

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