Brothers: Boston and Jet

I think Jet might be looking at me and saying, "Helpppp!"  Ha.
Those puppy dog eyes get me every time.

There are so many of these brotherly moments that I never capture.  One day this week I got a couple of shots of their interaction.  They love each other.  Like seriously they are best friends.  I might even get a little jealous that Jet gets more kisses from Boston throughout the day than I do.

We love Jet.  Jet was our first son.  He is such an awesome dog for our family.  But we know that one day he won't be with us and that we will out-live him.  To think about that makes me weak in the knees.  And to think about Boston not having him around makes me ill.  I wish there was something that we could do to make Jet live forever.

But since some genius scientist hasn't come up with such a drug we will cherish our moments and pictures of these two guys being themselves....besties.  I'm pretty sure that he is Boston's first best friend and it makes my heart burst.  When Jer and I talk about Jet one day leaving us we get sad to think about how it will end up effecting B.

So we don't (at least try not to) think about it.

Until then I'll continue to make an effort of capturing these moments in pictures.  So that Jet is never forgotten and Boston can look back at them and always remember his first brother (and could be only brother).



Angela said...

Those pictures are so sweet. There's nothing cuter than a boy and his dog and you have a VERY cute dog, too! We have a dog and our kids just love her. It totally melts me to see them having so much fun together.

Mrs. H said...

So sweet!

LWLH said...

So cute, I love the way he's holding him.

Hailey said...

this is so sweet. we know exactly how you guys feel. we have two fur babies that were our first. can't imagine life without them. hopefully they will warm up to our baby boy a little more sometime soon!

Deanne Marie said...

Seriously, awesome pictures! :) That dog is just simply amazing.

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