Happy Thanksgiving From The Cooks

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Heading out to stuff our faces with turkey and become lethargic from the large amounts of tryptophan we'll soon be digesting.  Not to mention the 5 pounds that'll be stacked on to the thighs and the mid-section of my torso because of my all-diets-go-out-the-window mentality that I have on holidays.


Tiffany said...

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and don't worry I have the same mentality! All of my hard-work out of the door :)

ginger said...

thank you for introducing yourself on our blog + for such a sweet comment.

what a beautiful little family you are!!
love long haired little fellas in a fresh pair of moccs.

i hope your thanksgiving was warm + filling.


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