Nascar And Carnies

Twice a year Nascar comes close to our house.  Like a few miles down the road from our neighborhood kinda close.  And every year Jer's parents go to the races.  Like the fine rednecks they are. :) They bring their travel trailer and park it at the track on Wednesday and they stay until Monday morning.  We try to go and see them or they try to come and see us while they are near.  This year, we went to the track.  It was the first year they had a small carnival set up outside of the track.  It was small but we had a lots of fun with the grandparents.  And, of course, they had the best time being with Boston.  

We need practice with taking night pictures.  Warning of the blurriness.  Could cause dizziness and nausea.

We found out that our little Boston is a thrill seeker.  He loves rides and things that go fast.  Takes after me in that department more than Jer.  :)  Jer's good with watching us and taking our pictures on rides.

This is one of the first things I saw.  Food.  Carnival food at that.  Really what's better than sweet, fattening, greasy food made by carnies in a pop up food stand?
Our first ride.  The Elephant ride.  Or "ephan" as Boston would say.  Since Grammy and Grandaddy bought us an access pass tickets we could ride any ride as many times as we wanted which is right up Boston's alley since he doesn't like to get off rides lately.  The kid thinks he's somebody.

Next up.  The train ride!  This guy got up on the train and sat back like he owned the place.
He rode around and around and around.  And still didn't want to get off.  We had to bribe him with the huge ferris wheel that was down the way.  I did the whole high pitch talk, "yay let's get off so we can ride the ferris wheel, yay!!!"  It worked and we were off the train and on our way.
While we were having our fun at the carnival....the Saturday night Nascar Nationwide Series Race     was going on.  Every time we would reach the top of the ferris wheel we could watch the cars make their 500 millionth lap around the track and we could hear them clearly.  It was kinda cool even for a non-Nascar fan.
Oh look there's Grammy and Grandaddy!
Worn out from the kiddie rides it was our turn to ride a big kid ride.  That poor kid in the middle of us had to hear me scream like a freak and laugh the whole time.
This kid couldn't stay off the rides.  He'd live at a carnival if I let him.
Our second time on the ferris wheel we got to watch the fireworks they put off after the race was over.  
While they rode up in a smaller ferris wheel with the bambino......
.....we snuck over and got us this melt-in-your-mouth-put-cottage-cheese-on-your-thighs funnel cake.  And ate like to fat kids having their last meal.  Oh and then I got me a carmel apple.  This might be why I can't loose my last 10 pounds of baby weight (two years later!).
One of my favorite pictures of these two Cook men.  
One last ride for us.  The swings.  Then all the rednecks from the race were making their way over.  That was our clue that it was time to g-o.  
Thank you to Grammy and Grandaddy for a fun night out.  Fingers crossed that they bring the carnival out again next year.  :)


Amy said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you guys had a great time! Happy Thanksgiving!

LWLH said...

Looks like a fun time and you got great pictures. I love the carnival and come on, it's against carnival law if you don't eat SOME fattening delicious food.

Natalie Hinkley said...

aw, how fun! He looks like he was having a blast! I totally can never resist a funnel cake, they are so good!

Nicole Buckingham said...

so fun I love a good carnival. love too that everyone watched the race from the top of the ferris wheel-- classic. =)

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