Four Dollar Frames

Our living room was lacking in the wall art department.  We have a pretty large wall that the tv hangs on that's always been kinda boring.  We've gone from framed fabric to some hobby lobby wall decor.  None of these have ever made their place permanent in our home.  They were only place holders.  

Now....we are trying the whole "huge family photos on the wall" thing.  Even though I often feel like we shouldn't have too many family photos of us.  Moderation is key with me.  :)

About these photos....here's how it all began: a trip to Michael's one day.  I walked in and bam right there in front of me was a sale rack that had tons of big and small frames.  At the bottom, there were lots of 16x20 frames that were 70% off their regular price dropped down to only 4 bones.  I couldn't resist.  I got 4 not really thinking about where I would put them.  But I knew they would work for family photos or some kind of art somewhere.  
Why were they so cheap?  Some of them were damaged or like this one below, had come unstapled.  When I got home, I got some gorilla glue and glued that corner back together.  Worked like a charm after letting it sit for about an hour.
Then I got this spray paint can (not a huge fan of the brand) that I already had on hand in a color that I luuurve!  And went to town spraying away.
After 3 light coats, they were caramelized.
There's something so classy and glamorous about this color to me.
After adding our family photos from our trip last month, I had this going on.
 I'm not really sure I'm in love just yet.  
For now, they'll work.  I love the pictures, just not sure of their size.

The verdict on the frames: a two thumbs up with a "maybe" for their permanency.


The Remodeled Life said...

Love your new frames!! And your pictures are gorgeous of your family! I don't have one family picture hung right now - I have been waiting to find those perfect deal buster frames haha! I'm a new blog follower :).

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

Loving the frames & paint color choice!!

Amy said...

I love the frames and the photos! I also love that they were only $4. What a great deal!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love!!! They look great!! :)

tmack said...

where is Texas do you live. I too am a Texan and am In need of those $4 frames.. did you buy them awhile back???

email me


LWLH said...

Love that color, very cute!!

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