Twenty-Five Months....Fun Times

Our baby boy turned 25 months old last week!

  We are thankful that we've kept him alive for this long.  :)  We had a fun time throwing rocks that day in celebration of his 25 months of life.

A Few Highlights:
- you said your first name this month
- you are saying so many sentences
- you like the Maroon 5 song "One More Night" and your Gateway Worship songs
- you are a little over 36 inches tall now

We love him and all of his 25 month self.


LWLH said...

Love how he's rocking his Snoopy shirt :)

Stefani said...

What a doll!! I love his long hair.

I'm still surprised we've kept ours alive for this long, haha.


Lauren said...

Newest follower! :) Love your blog!!


Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

He is so cute! Carter loves Maroon 5 too. Besties.

Those anchor rain boots are so adorable!

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