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Today I have a special person on the blog.  She's a sorority sister of mine and an awesome crafter/party thrower.  She has a sweet family and an adorable blog.  I'm so excited for her to share a super cute Halloween post!

Hello!  I'm Mariah and when I'm not busy as a multi-tasking mom to 3 active kids you'll find me over at my blog Giggles Galore.  I'm a craft junkie, a party enthusiast and I believe in making the ordinary extraordinary one smile at a time!  I'm so excited to be here at Our Love and Our Blessing today sharing one of my favorite Halloween treats.

This Halloween turn store bought cotton candy into a fun treat with these Sticky Spider Webs.  I made these sticky treats for our Spooktacular Halloween Spider Party and today I'm going to show you how to make them.

1. Gather your supplies.  You'll need cotton candy, striped paper straws, plastic spider rings, and a box.

2. Take a striped straw and bunch the cotton candy around the top.

3. Poke the spider ring into the cotton candy.

4. I spray painted my box black and poked holes in the top.

5. Embellish the front of the box with a custom design from Swish Designs Halloween printable package.

6. Place your sticky spider webs into the box for a spooktacular treat!

There you have it an easy Halloween treat perfect for your parties or classroom treats!  I'd love for you to come stop by Giggles Galore and say hi!  You can also find me and more Halloween inspiration on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Is Mariah not amazing or what?  Her blog is adorable and it has tons of cute party and holiday crafts/ideas.  If you want to see more, go check out her blog!  

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