Looking Back - Boston's Monthly Photos

** I'm way behind on posting (3 months) "monthly updates" on Boston.  They should be up next week.**

In the meantime,  thought it'd be fun to make a collage using all of Boston's monthly photo's from this past year to see how he's changed.  Putting him in the same chair every month allows us to see exactly how much he's grown each month (along with this DIY growth chart).  We get to see which months he didn't grow much versus months he had a big growth spurt, like months 17 and 18.  He looks a lot bigger in month 18 than he did in month 17.

And his face changed a lot in month 15 from what it looked like in month 14.  He looked more baby-ish in month 14.  Month 15 - he looks much more toddler-ish.  :)

My favorite: month 13 by far!  Ha.  He's really a funny fella.  When he tries to get up from the chair, I pick him up and kinda throw him back on and he always thought that was the funniest thing ever.


Hannah Hurley said...

Wow! he's gotten so big!! Happy Birthday again!!

Selidji said...

Wow I love this! where did you order the chair from and what do you use to write the age on the shirts? thanks!

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