Bath Love

*We are back from our vacation!  I'm taking today to un-wind, un-load, do laundry, vacuum, pack up all the party stuff and keep a certain 2 year old alive.  So, I leave you with this post.*

It's the simple things that we love around here.  

Bath time.

What's cuter than a naked baby and their butt dimples?  Nada, nothing, zilch.

So, I'm leaving you with that.  Some naked baby-ness (well, mostly).  We can't show you the "goods."  Those are for momma and dada's eyes only.  :)

Jer mainly gives the baths around here (that's his "time" with B after a day of work) while I tidy things up downstairs, clean the dishes and get B's bedtime clothes ready.

Every time I start to walk up the stairs I'm guaranteed to either hear, singing (from daddy), laughing, screeching or splashing.  It's one of the best noises to hear.  Ever.
Doll face.  
After bath and a little playtime with dada, we end the night with this sight.  Reading a book.  Most times it's his baby bible and others we let him choose which book to read.  Pure joy in this momma's heart.  I get to witness pure love between these two.  Jesus really is too good to me.
It's simple things like baths that make our hearts happy.  They are moments we never want to forget 10, 20, 30 years down the road.  These photos/moments will remind us just how much we have been blessed by this little guy.

Happy Monday!

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