Bits of Us Via iPhone

shot a picture secretly from our bedroom window of these two doing what they do.
my "me" time, I chose a pedi.
a yummy Italian pasta salad (pasta was still cooking) full of veggies.
 me lover and our photo bomber! ha
 my BFF (her husband is the photo bomber).
he decided that sitting in the water was more fun.  except he didn't have any swim trunks on.
 my favorite part about my Tuesday's and Thursday's is picking this guy up from the children's ministry after my mom's group and women's group.  he sees me, points and runs towards me with a HUGE smile while saying, "Momma, momma, momma!!!"  warms me to my core.
 Dada took us on another road trip to a hearing he had.  We dropped him off at the courthouse, but not before making a few changes to his motions.  :)
while he worked, we went here.
 then we went to see his clients airplane.  future pilot, maybe?  
those lips are the cutest lips i've ever seen.
a typical trip to HD.....
 .....Bos, having to drive the cart.....
....stopping to shop a little bit.....
 .....and making daddy put back everything he dropped into our cart.  he's been watching mommy too much.
 our nephews football game.  this is what we do here in Texas.  :)
the holding of the hands is killer.  i die.
 he ran out into the morning grass and got dirty, so he insisted on cleaning them.
 chase reward points earned us a little "dough" in the form of gift cards.  holla!
 thinking of doing some type of DIY with these babies.  can't let good bottles get trashed.  maybe something turned them into something for holiday decor?  idk.
my new bracelet.  now have them in every color.  i can sport the Bos-man everywhere I go, now.
our little cow poke.
while out of town, Boston slept with me for the first time.  and to say I didn't get any sleep would be an understatement.  he's a mover and a shaker.  oy.
getting ready for that thing called Boston's 2nd birthday party.
dada had to test out the airplanes.  wasn't sure if the painted affected their weight.  ha
just documenting all of his art he gets to do while at church.
 at Jer's office making it official....Boston will be taken care of now.  our wills and trusts have been signed, filed and executed!!!  such a weight lifted off our shoulders.  
 can't ever get enough of this store.
 this is my breakfast before my mom's groups at church.  best oatmeal i've ever had.  coupled with an iced non-fat mocha.....heavenly!
 Boston and Londyn.  love them both so much.
this is what we've been up to lately.  in dada's workout room having batting practice....
and acting like dada.
 his new favorite position lately.  freaks me out.
 another rug DIY.  coming soon.
 got my scentsy candle going.
 our adorable dog that gets neglected but still loves us.


Dara said...

Simon liked this post! He told me all about baby sleeping and baby on airplane!

The Smiths said...

Super cute pictures! Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

Hahaha!! That pic of him in the car with the boots on is adorable!!!!

Mrs in Training said...

Holy busy! Everything looks so fun though :)

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