A Cool Birthday Present for A Really Cool Fella

**blogger was being a real pain the rear this weekend and wouldn't let me on.  So here's my post that should have been for yesterday.  :) **

Over the weekend we had one goal and one goal only.....get the B'ster his 2nd birthday gift.  It was a no brainer when it came to his one big gift for this year's birthday.  A bicycle.  The fella loves bikes.  Bicycles and motorcycles.  To him, they are all the same.

So for him to have his very own "bi" as he would call it, would make us the coolest parents ever in his eyes.  So we set out to accomplish just that....get-him-his-very-own-and-very-first-bicycle!

Jer's mom came to watch him on Saturday from 10-3p so we had 5 hours to get'er done.  Thanks, Nana!!
I never thought what a booger it would be to find the "right" bike for him, but it was.  I'm one of those weird ones that didn't want some sort of character on the bike.  I wanted it to be more big boy-ish.  None of that Cars, Mickey Mouse, cartoon character bologna.  But finding that proved to be difficult.  Who'd a thunk it?!  Yes, I just typed that.

Long story short, first up was Academy.  No luck.  Then it was Wal-Mart (right next door).  No luck.  Then it was a bicycle shop.  No luck.  Target.  No luck.  And finally as we were driving home a little defeated and running out of time, Jer pointed to Babies R Us/Toys R Us.  So he whipped a U'ie and drove back to see if they had one.  And what do you know?!  Hallelujah!  They had the perfect one.  Neon green, black, white and no disney/cartoon characters.  Sold!

It's called the Tony Hawk Park Series 360.  And for 99 buckaroos it was ours.

This one!
14 inches of pure awesome-ness.
We opted to go with 14 inches versus 12 or 16 because we wanted it to be small enough for him to try  to ride now but big enough for him to grow into.  So we thought 14 inches looked just the size for him.

The following day, Jer took it upstairs into the guest bedroom (to hide it from Boston.  i can't believe we are already having to "hide" things from him) and started assembling it right after we put B down for his nap.  Babies R Us asked if we wanted to pay $10 more to have them assemble it, but Jer wanted to do it himself.  So that's what he did.

And while doing so, he took my camera and shot some photos of the assembly process.  The longest part was getting the handlebar breaks adjusted just right.  He had to do a lot of tweaking.  But he managed to get them fixed and ready.
Here she is.  Sitting pretty waiting for the birthday boy.
As he was in there, I would go and check on him every once in a while making sure he was still alive, everything was going ok and to take a few iphone pictures.  

Breaking the seal.
 Testing out the breaks.
Ohhh how could I forget.  After we got the bike and did all of our shopping (running in and out of stores) we had worked up an appetite so we stopped and had a delicious outside patio lunch at Taco Diner.  It was a nice ending to a successful day.

My lover mid-eating.  :)


SarahJane Miller said...

I am loving this bike! he is going to be so excited!

Nicole Buckingham said...

Awww... happy year two to your little dude!

Following ya now and forever from the GFC Hop. If you'd please... I'd love it if you'd join me for the ride at localsugarhawaii.com.


Devon Riesenberg said...

It's perfect! Good job Mama...so cute that you scoured across town in search of just the right one :)

The Sweetest Thing said...

You are such a doll face & sweet Momma!!

Rachel said...

Aww, I bet he'll be very excited about that present! And I'm with you...I'm not very fond of 'character' emblazoned toys in general...

sugarplums andlollipops said...

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Kasey Lynne said...

Dang...I'll have to remember that when I need a bike for our future kid(s). I wouldn't want a character on mine either...didn't know it would be so hard!

Mmmmm chips and salsa. That sounds so good right now. But when does it NOT?? ;D

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