21 months young, our baby Boston

Dear Boston,
     This past month has been a whirlwind.  It is official.  You are no longer a baby.  You are incredibly tall and you are steadily becoming set in your own ways.  It's so much fun to watch it all happen, but Momma and Dada are both a little sad to see you grow up so fast.  If we were forced to put a theme on your progress over this past month it would be "emulation," because that is what you do the most - you emulate EVERYTHING we do, especially Dada.  This is cute, but also a little scary.  It means we are really going to have to watch our behavior and language around you...  this is not so much of a bad thing.  It is one more way in which you have inspired us to be better people.  Thank you for that.  

     In case you have not noticed, our love for you remains infinite and we are constantly hopeful that we are doing right by you and helping you become a good person while making your life fun and happy.  For us, having you around is an absolute blast.  Our lives would never be the same without you.  

     As we said, this month has flown by and has been full of your copying our language and actions.  Here's what you accomplished:   

*  you taught yourself how to blow on hot foods
*  you started stacking things, like your horsey onto cars or onto the couch/ottoman
*  you love to swing your bat and hit the ball dada bought you
*   you love making "vroom" noises with playing with your cars or airplane
*   you love getting napkins and cleaning your hands, mouth and table
*  you love to do what we do, vacuum, mow, wiping things (like the table where you eat)
*  your favorite word right now is "wawower" for lawn mower
*  you love all things mechanical.  lawn mowers, weed eaters, cars, tractors, buses, airplanes
*  you jabber a lot!  maybe someday we'll know what you saying!
*  you started saying "cuki" for cookie
*  you love to pick things up (heavy or not) and carry them
*  you started saying, "doh" for go
*  you can say bus perfectly
*  you ate a whole piece of large pizza (like an adult) for the first time.
*  you started saying, "see"while pointing at something
*  you celebrated your 2nd father's day with dada
*  you love to make sure everything is standing up straight when you put things down.  you could end up being a perfectionist like your daddy  :)
*  you love baths again....after going through a few weeks of having a fear of water being poured over your head
*  you say, "baba" for sippy cups
*  you had vanilla ice cream for the first time!
*  you ate a whole bean, cheese and sour cream burrito like an adult for the first time.  all of it!
*  you started saying, "wawa" for water
*  you went to Oklahoma for the first time
*  you started saying, "taba" for table
*  you started saying, "broo" for broom
*  you love to take off your shirts all by yourself
*  you love to steer your cars and turn them while driving them.  you no longer just go straight and run into things
*  you started saying, "chee" for cheese
*  you love all foods, you're not a picky eater (knocking on wood)
*  you have figured out the word, "no"
*  you always say, "no," when we ask you if you want to go to timeout
*  you tried salsa for the first time and love it
*  you are wearing 18-24 month clothing
*  you wear size 8 shoe
*  you are 35 1/2 inches (according to our measurement on your ruler last night)
     Please just stay yourself while this process of growth and change takes place.  We are always here for you.

You make us the proudest parents on Planet Earth,
We love you always and forever,
Momma and Dada.

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