The Day He Got His First Backpack

This is a big deal (although everything is a big deal when it comes to our little guy).  I get very emotional when big things happen for our B-man.  And by big things, I'm talking about Boston getting his very first backpack, of course.  :)

I ordered it online from Pottery Barn Kids.  It was on sale and I got free shipping.  I couldn't not get it with that kind of discount.

So, yesterday morning when he woke up, we gave him his new backpack.  It was his 21 month birthday gift to him.  I had been wanting to get him one so that I can transition my diaper bag items to his backpack.
We were hesitant in getting his name monogrammed on it.  For one main reason, I didn't want to give anyone the chance of calling his name and him going to them because they knew his name.  Like in an airport or some other public place.  But we decided that we'll do what normal parents do and keep a close eye on him.  :)

Plus when he starts school (since we hope that this will be the bag he starts kindergarten with) he can identify his bag easily.  

"where's your backpack, Bossy?"
We are pleased that he absolutely loves his backpack.  He walked around with it on for a good 30 minutes.  I think he thought he was somebody!  :)  It warms my heart to see him light up and happy.  


Nicole Barry said...

What a sweet backpack! Found you at the GFC hop! Newest follower. Hope to see you at Me + the Moon sometime!

-Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com

LWLH said...

He looks so cute, such a tiny little man underneath that backpack.

Celeste said...

Oh those little pjs kill me! He looks so tiny with that backpack! What a cutie :)

Ashlee Christopher said...

I am totally obsessed with your blog so glad I found it great photography!!


Anonymous said...

love pbk! how so grown is he with that backpack but still so itty bitty!

Julie Rogers said...

That's adorable---it's as big as he;) Love Pottery Barn backpacks!

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