DIY Magnetic Photo Board

Super excited to share yet another Shanty-2-Chic knock-off!  I truly heart their blog.  

Tuesday, I told you about this mason jar planter box that I made for Gina (Jers stepmom) for mother's day.  

Today, I'm going to share with you "my" version of Shanty-2-Chic's magnetic memo board that I made for my mom and Jers mom for mother's day.  I made mine a tad bit differently.  Mainly because I wanted to use up what I already had on hand.  I'm all about saving some cash.  
This black tin square is from hobby lobby.  It's near the aisle where their iron decor is.  And it was 9 bucks, 50% off.
One of my new favorite spray paint colors!  I seriously want to paint every.single.thing this color.  I love it.  Every since I upcycled our kitchen nook table and chairs I've loved the color.  So, since I had some leftover I used some on for the black tin square.
Since Jer was at work when I got my boards, I went ahead and asked the guy at Home Depot to make my cuts for me.  It would be one less thing Jer would have to help me with (you know, because we're a team with most projects).  :)  They are each 16 inches long.  
I used my dark walnut stain that I used for this toddler height ruler project.  I made them a little darker since I wanted them to contrast with the nickel paint.  
For the magnets.  I got some large (25mm) rhinestones and uses some leftover magnets from this project and hot glued them on to the rhinestones.  
I used the gorilla glue for two things: 1) I glued each board together with only glue (no nails required), and 2) I glued the tin to the boards.  Uber easy!
I added my handmade rosettes to the top of the board and used some bling to spruce them up.  
This is a great gift for any mother/friend/sister/anyone that loves to display photos.  Mom's and grandmother's love getting pictures and what better way to display them than with a cute magnet board?!  This was a quick and easy project that I'll likely make again as another gift.  Best of all, our mom's loved them.

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The Smiths said...

Wow, what a cute idea! Love these! I may have to try this sometime.

THE COOK'S said...

AWWW, thank you sweet friend!! I agree - you should try it out, too! :))

Linda @ Two Succulent Sisters said...

Super. I love the metallic square plate! This came out great. I really Want to make this so I pinned it.Thanks. linda

Danielle said...

This is an amazing idea & you make it look so simple. Pinning this now before I forget to do it later on!

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