What I'm Loving Wednesday

1)  I'M LOVING my new L'Occitane Lotion!  Love it so much.  Hands down it's probably the best thing I've gotten for myself in a long time.  I'm hooked!  It seriously is the best lotion, ever.  I had no idea there was an actual L'occitane store about 10 miles from my house in Southlake until my sweet friend, Hannah, told me about it!  That was the highlight of my week (last week).
2)  I'M LOVING this store so much.  It has everything that I love to look at (since it's way over priced for my pocket book to buy anything).  But I can get my fix just by simply browsing.
Last week, B and I had a mother son date day where we walked around our local outside shopping mall.  It was a beautiful day (a tad bit humid if you ask me) for outdoor shopping.  We I love to do this every so often so a) we can get out of the house, b) so he can see different things besides our back yard and, c) do a little retail therapy.  It's good for my soul.  :)
3)  I'M LOVING that Gap had a sale on their sales.  While we were out doing our outdoor shopping, we stopped into the Gap and did a little damage.  My favorite is getting to go in there and save an extra 30% on their sale items plus get 10% off (sometimes 15%)for being a Gap silver card member (if you shop on a Tuesday).  The best feeling is when they tell you how much you saved on your purchase.  It's kinda like getting a real good high.  Except legal.  :)

4)  I'M LOVING this guy.  He's simply delicious.  And I get to spend every single waking hour with him.  Pinch me, please.  :)
5)  I'M LOVING the static on this guy's hair.  Hilarious.  HE didn't think so.  Even when he's sad, he's precious.
6)  I'M LOVING the love that these guys share with each other.  Boston is the most peaceful when he's in his daddy's lap.  My heart can hardly take it.
7)  I'M LOVING that we got to spend all day Monday (his 18 month birthday) with Boston at the ZOO!!!  More to come on Friday (a whole post worth).  We had an absolute blast (especially since we had the place almost to ourselves!)
8)  I'M LOVING Boston's new shoes (their technically not new since we bought them back in October when we went to the State Fair of Texas).
He's finally able to wear them. 
9)  I'M LOVING these Jessica Simpson sandals.  Geez, is there ANYTHING this girl can't do?!  She's amazing.  AH-mazing!

Happy Hump Day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dropping in from the link up! What a great blog and your little boy is a sweetie! :)

Holly said...

I loovve JS Collection, too. Glad oyu had fun in the Gap-- We have an outlet 5 miles from my house and it is BAD NEWS! :)

Sugarr2518 said...

Those white shoes are the cutest summer shoe! They look extremely comfy:)

Makin Memories Of Us said...

I love Anthro! And all those pictures. :)

THE COOK'S said...

Thanks, girls!!!

Kayla - thanks for stopping by!! :)

Holly - Me too. Just love her and everything she designs. Haha.....yeah, I'd be in trouble. :)

Sugarr218 - aren't they?! I HAVE to get me some of those and a maybe a few others. :) They'll last for many summers to come, though. :)

Jordann - Me too!!! Ha. Thanks so much, my sweet blog friend. :))

Sarah said...

LOVE that lotion! I've heard its fabulous! And Anthropologie is the best - so happy you and B had such a great date day!

THE COOK'S said...

Sarah - Oh girl, it's amazing! Yup, Anthro is awesome. :))

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