Miscellany Monday

Some of B's night time footies are still in perfect condition except for he's grown out of them length wise.  So instead of throwing them away, we thought we would cut the "foot" part off to make room for his growing legs.  This means we'll be able to get more life out of those nighties now!  This makes our pocket-book happy.

This guy is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with daddy's study aka his office.  If we leave the door open to the study he runs in there like a mad man trying to win a race.  He's fast!  If he goes missing we automatically know where he's at.  And he's in there usually doing this:
it's crazy how fast he can get up on daddy's chair with one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse.  It makes us laugh that he's seen daddy do this so much that he now thinks that's "what you do" when you look at the computer screen.  Ha.  Smart little fella.  I guess he wants to help daddy out on his appeal that he's been working on for a week straight (at home).

We went to Nordstrom and in the kids shoe department they have balloons for free for the kiddos.  So we grabbed one (because he wouldn't let me NOT get one.  he was on the verge of a meltdown because I kept telling him, "not this time, bud".....he wasn't accepting that as my answer, so I caved).  They become his best friend for a few days.  So I'm cool with that.  :)
We may or may not have made something similar to this recently!.....you'll know soon.  :)
We got B his first little car toy.  He's mildy obsessed with it.  It's great because we can fit it in his pocket and go.  So he can take it everywhere, easily.
Cutest little grocery shopping partner, ever.  (until he's "over" shopping or hungry or tired or wants a balloon that he sees around the store..... 
Over the weekend we celebrated my best friend's birthday.  We started off at Chuy's.  The best Mexican food and margarita's EVAH!!  We went to the one in downtown Fort Worth.
Afterwards, we walked a couple of blocks and we all (about 10 of us) headed over to the Pour House for some drinks and dancing.  My 4 inch heals did me well.....my feet didn't hurt all night!!  No joke.  And we were some dancing machines.  

It was an awesome adult night/morning (since we got home at 4am!) out on the town with some awesome friends from high school!  A HUGE thank you to my mom who came to watch B while we went out.  She spent the night and took over in the morning to let Jer and I sleep in.  Mother of the year award goes to her!  (she loves spending time with the B-ster anyway, so it's a win win!)

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nicole. said...

the cutting off of the feet... my favorite trick. And, added bonus, those are my favorite Vans, ever.

The Smiths said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Thats a great idea to cut the feet out of the pajamas! I will have to remember that one.

The Smiths said...

I just wanted to let you know, I just nominated you for another blog award over on my blog. Check out my latest post. :-)

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Looks like yall had a great weekend!

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Callie Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun girl's night! Every mom needs a night out once in a while. :-)

THE COOK'S said...

Thanks, girls! :))

Nicole - we will be doing this to more of his footies now. :)

Yes - Callie!!! You are so right. It's nice to have an "adult" night out. :))

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